Blue Bay Shepherd
Averages 18 to 40 lbs
14 to 18 in. (male); 14 to 18 in. (female)
Blue Bay Shepherd puppies for sale
Coat length:
Good with kids:
Good with other pets:
Grooming needed:
Exercise needed:
Apartment suitability:
Blue Bay Shepherd breed characteristics
The Blue Bay Shepherd was named for their origin in Palm Bay, Florida and the blue German Shepherd Dogs in their ancestry. The goal is to produce dogs that are wolf-like in appearance but easier to care for than wolfdogs.

The history of the Blue Bay Shepherds dogs does contain wolf heritage, but they should be suitable for anyone with experience with dogs like the German Shepherd. This breed has well-bred, low-drive, pet quality German Shepherds in their ancestry, so should not be overly protective, shy or sharp in temperament. Blue Bay Shepherds are intelligent and willing to please, catching on to training quickly. Given the opportunity, these dogs could excel in any working or training activities that do not require aggression.

Temperament of a Blue Bay should be friendly and outgoing. This gregarious nature will extend also to strangers if well socialized with different people, animals and situations from puppyhood.

The Blue Bay is capable of sharing a home with smaller pets like cats if raised with them from an early age. However, they can be destructive when bored, so require plenty of exercise as well as appropriate activities to do when unsupervised.

Children: Excellent with children.
Friendliness: Reserved with strangers.
Trainability: Relatively easy to train.
Independence: Fairly independent.
Dominance: Moderate.
Other Pets: Generally good with other pets.
Combativeness: Not generally dog-aggressive.
Noise: Average barker.
Indoors: Relatively inactive indoors.
Owner: Not recommended for novice owners.
Grooming and Physical Needs
Trimming & Stripping: No trimming or stripping needed.
Coat: Medium coat.
Shedding: Heavy seasonal shedder.
Docking/Cropping: Heavy seasonal shedder.
Exercise: Needs lots of exercise.
Jogging: An excellent jogging companion.
Apartments: Will be OK in an apartment if sufficiently exercised.
Outdoor Space: Best with a large yard.
Climate: Does well in most climates.
Longevity: Average (10 to 12 years).
Blue Bay Shepherds - additional info from the breed founder, Vicki Spencer
The Blue Bay Shepherd is a breed currently in development to produce dogs that are lupine in appearance.

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