Tiffany Rogers
Gwinn, MI
tel (906) 346-2015
We have been raising Siamese and Balinese kittens in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan since 2006, in the small town called Gwinn, which is 25 minutes by Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes. People consider the Upper Peninsula as God's Country, I can't agree more, it is so breathtaking here with it's four seasons. Sugars Cattery is located in only Gwinn Michigan. I'm sorry we do not have kittens available in any other states/locations however we do ship all over the United States. We also are willing to deliver up to 500 miles one way for a small fee call or email us for those rates.     Why we decided to name our Cattery Sugars, besides we are so very proud to say that our kittens are sweet as sugar. The name actually came from my Husband's tabby cat that he had when we first got together. Sugar has went up to heaven now, and we miss her so much, but the name will always be Sugars Cattery, as long as we can. We treat each individual cat and kitten with unconditional love and attention. We spare no expense when it comes to health. All our adult cats are allowed to roam freely throughout our home and are strictly indoor cats. They eat high quality food; get a well-balanced diet, and get lots of human attention. Kittens are fully litter trained and in top physical condition before leaving our home. We are a closed cattery, meaning; no cats other than our breeding family enters our home at any time. This is an insurance against any feline disease and keeps strict health control over our breeding environment. Visits are limited. Kitten visits are restricted until they are at least 8 weeks of age, and still must be individually evaluated prior to a scheduled visit, and may not be possible or in the best interest of your kitten. Our kittens leave between 10 and 14 weeks old, any stress may set back the leaving date for your kitten and others. I take great care that does not happen. For more information, please feel free to either call or email us.
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